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Involve at least a minimal degree of chance in the outcome. Licences can be revoked or suspended if licence conditions are no longer met. Are there any proposals for reform? Licences are available for ten-year periods and are renewable.

Offering online games of chance and bets now requires an additional online licence as well as the principal land-based licence see below, Available licences. Information provided to players about the lawfulness of online games of chance offered on a licensed website. While some of them completely ban all the gambling activities and block international online casinos, usa online casino no deposit bonus codes the other allow their citizens to make their bets wherever they want. The Gaming Act itself does not specifically identify any gambling products. Playing in the unreliable casino may lead to fraud in the worst case or to the poor gambling experience in the best case so we are here to never let this happen.

The Gaming Act does not apply to lotteries that are regulated by the Lotteries Act. Licences are available for one-year periods. Websites must go to great lengths to verify the age and identity of their customers. Belgium is keeping the golden medium to create the open yet regulated environment both for the players and for the Belgian online casino providers.

The Gaming Commission is currently part of a working group to implement this Directive in Belgium. Home Belgium betting sites and bookmakers. Belgium is a nation that loves a wide array of sports.

Land-based gambling

Certain games of chance are explicitly excluded from betting and gaming tax, such as permitted lotteries. All gambling and betting, both online and land-based, requires a licence. At present, there are licence Bs, of which are actually in use by a licence holder.

Foreign operators need to acquire a Belgian licence. With a great variety of bookmaker choices for Belgian players, it is only natural that this also means that there are many bonuses available to punters. If virtual currency is not bought with real money and can only be earned free of charge by playing, it arguably represents no actual value and is therefore not a stake.

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Gaming Commission

Debit cards and major credit cards are the payment method of choice in Belgium. Chance must play some role in determining the winner or apportioning the gain.

The Gaming Act only allows nine casinos on Belgian territory and specifies the municipalities and cities where a casino may operate. The consequence of this is that commercial contests, sweepstakes, lotteries organised by advertisers, private poker games and bingo games are restricted or even forbidden. Betting The Gaming Act contains specific definitions of bets, mutual bets and fixed odds bets see below. There are several specific tax regimes which are summarised below.

After that one-year period, a new licence application must be submitted. The number of licences is unlimited and the number of active licences is unknown. Casino games Casino games can only be offered in a casino that is in a class I gaming establishment. Does Belgium Tax Gambling Winnings?

What is the Legal Gambling Age? All of these brick and mortar operations are overseen by the Belgian Gaming Commission who is responsible for issuing licenses and enforcing regulations. Of course, many of those are also undoubtedly wagering on those games too.

Online Gambling in Belgium - History & Laws

The same age requirements apply to online games of chance and bets. So today we are talking about the Belgian online gambling laws and how you can enjoy the safe online gambling in Belgium legally. The same royal decree stipulates that an operator must observe a certain caution in its advertisements. All of these sportsbooks are very safe, secure, and highly respected operations. No such royal decree has been issued yet.

To let you learn more about the legislative twists and turns, we are collecting the frequently asked questions on the subject and post the answers given by the field experts. The Gaming Commission is responsible for granting licences for certain games of chance. Prepaid cards are also widely accepted and easy to use. This amount is levied on the gross margin.

Licences are available for nine-year periods and are renewable. This falls under the same licensing regime as betting in general see above, Betting.

Gaming in Belgium overview

Gaming in Belgium overview

Only supplies that are regulated and approved are legal. In addition, the applicant is responsible for establishing a permanent data connection between its website and the Gaming Commission.

Land-based gambling

Online Gambling in Belgium - History & Laws

Belgians participate in a wide variety of gambling activities. The servers where data is stored and which the website is administrated through must be located in a permanent establishment in Belgium. Eligibility The application form for each licence is available on the Gaming Commission's website. Party responsible for the administration. Usually he will be able to bet these currencies in the game at some point.